Welcomt to Urban Zulu official website!
Urban Zulu is a KZN based clothing label, our brand is more forced on cultural look. Our design is more of a modern look but
inherit our own African look and feel.

Our Mission:
Is to remind our youngsters that culture is important and where you came from
“be proud of you are” an African - you are beautiful

Our Vision:
* To become one of the most recognize clothing label around the globe.
* To support people with disabilities and disadvantage people by providing capital
to start their own small businesses.

What we do?
* Dresses * Pants * Shirts * T-shirts * Shorts
* Caps and more......


You can contact us during working hours and speak to our designers

Working Hours:
(Monday - Friday) : 08:30 to 16:30 - (Saturday) : 10:00 to 14:00

Tel: +27 31 3074008 - Fax: +27 31 3017224


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